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  • Calling all grown ups! The Gospel of John led by the EBC elders.  Come, learn and be blessed!

    Class time begins at 9:30 am and meets in room 208 in the new building.

    Experiencing God’s Dream for Your Marriage

    Marriage Study
    Led by Jon and Trish Walker
    Will begin in early December.

    Marriage isn’t easy. It seems like everywhere you look there are couples that are throwing in the towel and walking away from their marriages. But there is hope. Your marriage really can be positive, rich, intimate, and deeply satisfying. God, the designer and architect of great relationships has provided us with a blueprint for building a great marriage.

    In this series, you’ll learn what God’s dream for your marriage looks like, how to identify the major barriers to intimacy and how to move past them, as well as how to deal with conflict and communicate more clearly and effectively with your spouse.

    Ready to Launch

    Parenting Study
    Led by Kendall and Michelle Allerdings, Ben and Amy Shroyer
    Third floor on the left in the old building
    Begins October 2 at 9:30

    See How Biblical Theology Can Be Applied To Parenting
    A 7-Session Study from J.D. and Veronica Greear

    Christian parents are not seeking mere behavior modification in their children but the growth of truly godly passions. “Training a child up in the way he should go” must be done intentionally, with the mind and heart of God.  Based on Psalm 127, this study plumbs the wisdom of the Bible about the goals of parenting, the stages of discipline, the role of the church, and strategies to shape the heart toward the gospel. 

  • Old Testament Survey
    Led by Pastor Tim
    Meets in the sanctuary
    Wednesdays at 6:30 beginning 9/14/16

    The Old Testament is often neglected in our study of the Bible.  The OT documents creation, in eternity past, to the time of Malachi, approximately 400 BC; there are thirty-nine books in our English Bible that cover this time period.  The first class I took in pursuit of my biblical studies degree was entitled “Old Testament Survey.” I found this class to be one of the most comprehensive and enlightening classes I took.  Thus, I would like to invite you to come and explore the Old Testament with me beginning Wednesday, September 14 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.  Our class will be meeting in the sanctuary.
    Pastor Tim

    Financial Peace University
    Led by Shaun and Lindsay Christison
    Room 208, second floor, new building
    Sunday evenings beginning 9/25/16 at 6pm

    Learn God’s ways of handling money with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University! Whether you’re struggling to make ends meet or you’re a millionaire, FPU has something for you. FPU is based on more than 800 verses of Scripture and is a proven plan that will work for you and your family. The average turnaround is $8,000 in just the first three months. FPU is a nine week class (Sept. 25-Nov. 20) that meets at EBC on Sunday evenings at 6pm. Cost is $103 for class materials. Questions? Contact FPU Class Coordinators: Shaun and Lindsay Christison.  redhot_4christ@yahoo.com or (406) 478-0647   For More information visit:  www.daveramsey.com/fpu

  • Timothy Training
    I Am Second by Doug Bender and Mike Jorgenson

    Across the United States and the world, hundreds of thousands of people are proclaiming a new anthem: “I Am Second.” They have discovered that God has a plan for their life, a plan that starts with making God First. They learned that whether it was money or relationships or the pleasures of life, nothing brought satisfaction and peace until God was First in their lives. Hear their stories and discover the powerful message of their journeys.

    In the I Am Second DVD-Based Study, your small group will encounter story after story of notable people throughout culture who have had a radical, life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ, and will be challenged to share their own “Second” stories with the world around them.

    Men!  Join Lee Magstadt at 7 pm for this great study.  Meets in room 208, second floor new building on the last Tuesday of each month beginning September 27.

    Wednesday Morning Bible Study
    Led by Pastor Ron
    Meets at 6:45 a.m. in room 208, second floor new building.
    They are wrapping up Hebrews and will move to James

    Every Man A Warrior
    Led by Pastor Ron
    Wednesdays at 6:30 pm – Start date TBD

    Every Man a Warrior helps men succeed in life.  It’s relevant – recounting the stories of real men dealing with real life struggles and revealing how God has solutions.  This course is designed to equip men with the essential skills to fight and win in the battles of life.  This 9 week study will take place at the church on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.  Class size is limited.  Book cost is $15.  Email Pastor Ron to join: pastor.ron@dickinsonebc.com