Champions get the little things right


I graduated high school in 1991, and I love athletics.  I watched men like Joe Montana and Michael Jordan transform their respective sports, and I celebrated the achievements of John Smith who won 4 world championships and another 2 Olympic gold medals in wrestling for the US.  I wrestled in high school at that time, and I remember watching Smith beat everybody with the same move.  John Smith certainly knew plenty of wrestling techniques, but he really only needed his signature takedown.  Nobody could stop his low single-leg takedown.  It was a simple move, everybody knew it was coming, and it didn’t matter.  Smith rode that simple takedown to 2 Olympic golds and 4 world championships.

The simple technique taught to elementary students is often the same technique that determines championships years later.  The game of life is similar.  As a pastor, my advice is often sought. Some want counsel for their marriage.  Others seek personal victory in one area of life or another.  I do not claim to be an expert in any of these things.  However I do believe we can have victory in our lives, and the first thing we can do is improve our performance on the little things.

There is no magic pill to fix a broken marriage, but you can start by speaking to your spouse in a respectful and loving manner.  Put the needs of your spouse ahead of your own, and watch trust and love return (Ephesians 5:22-33).  There is nothing complex about this, but it does require us to die to ourselves so we might seek the benefit of others.

There is no magic button that eliminates debt, there is no shortcut to good physical health, etc.  A friend often told me, “Make wise choices.”  She implied I already knew right from wrong, but I needed to exercise discipline and act accordingly.  This is so true for most of us seeking peace and victory in our lives.  We often know what is right, but we want to flirt with what is wrong.  I am the bride of Christ.  I have no business flirting!

Transformation has become the word of the hour for me.  I am less interested with impressing others with my deep doctrine and theology, and I am more passionate about pleasing God with the life I live.  I still study the Bible and pursue right thinking, but my greatest desire is right living.

Let’s become experts at pleasing God in the little things.  Then we can be champions in life.

Godliness with contentment is great gain (1 Timothy 6:6).

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