At EBC we recognize that we need to be missionally minded.  We believe that missions does not only happen overseas in third-world countries, it starts at the home and works it’s way out.  We want to offer opportunities for you to get plugged into missions here in Dickinson, ND.  We also have missionaries from our own church who have received the call to go out to other countries and spread the gospel.  We hope that you will be able to get plugged into this aspect of our church and also continue to do missions in your own homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces.

New Hope Uganda


The Evangelical Bible Church has had ties with New Hope Uganda since the 1980’s and currently supports four missionary families at NHU: Jay and Vicki Dangers, Syd and ANewHopeUgandandrea Sparks, and Nancy Kirsch.

EBC also sends out numerous teams for short term missions to NHU.

New Hope Uganda was founded on a belief that God wanted family for the thousands of orphaned children in Uganda’s Luwero Triangle following the bloody reigns of Idi Amin and Milton Obote. Jay Dangers and his wife Vicki moved their young family to Uganda in 1986. The Dangers were soon joined by Jonnes Bakimi and, to use a common Ugandan phrase, “slowly by slowly” a dream became reality. Director Jay Dangers and Ministry Coordinator Jonnes Bakimi still lead New Hope today but little else is the same as it was 24 years ago.

Today, New Hope Uganda brings the Fatherhood of God to hundreds of orphaned, fatherless, and abandoned children and reaches out to surrounding communities through its four ministries: Kasana Children’s Center, Kobwin Children’s Center, Musana Camps, and 107.8 Musana FM radio.

The staff at New Hope form a multi-cultural team who consider themselves and the children they serve “family”. There are staff members from tribes that formerly hated each other, tribes whose languages are very similar and those that could not be more different. There are Americans, English, Rwandese, and Congolese. People from Sudan, Kenya, Holland, Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, Germany, India, and Israel have also served with New Hope Uganda.

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For, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”
 – Romans 10:1-15 –

NOTE: Some of our missionaries serve in sensitive areas of the world and are not listed or details about them are omitted here for security reasons.

Jay-Vicki-DangersJay and Vicki Dangers established New Hope Uganda’s Kasana Children’s Centre in the heart of Uganda’s former “Luweero Trinagle” war zone in 1986.  Originally, its purpose was to care for orphans created during this internal political war.

From very humble beginnings, the Lord had blessed the work at New Hope.  Well over a thousand orphaned and abandoned children have received love and care from New Hope’s godly, committed staff members.  The staff of NHU daily and sacrificially do their best to practically demonstrate the Father’s love to these children while teaching them appropriate dependence on God, strong family values, life skills,and raising them up to become godly and productive citizens of the Kingdom of God and the nation of Uganda.

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Nancy-KieschNew Hope Uganda
Nancy grew up in a farm near Mott, North Dakota, with her parents and two sisters. She came to know Jesus as her Savior at a young age and has been seeking to follow him since then. After graduating from high school, Nancy attended a year of Bible college at Millar College of the Bible in Pambrun, Saskatchewan, Canada. Nancy then moved to New Jersey and worked there for a few years before returning to North Dakota to attend Dickinson State University.
In 1998, Nancy went to New Hope Uganda to help start a secondary school called New Hope Academy. Nancy worked in various roles in the secondary school for the next nine years, teaching English and literature classes but also helping to fill other gaps academically and administratively as needed. In 2007, she took a break from working in the schools at New Hope Uganda and worked in the office of New Hope Uganda Ministries in America. When she returned to Uganda in 2008, she served as the Teams Coordinator. In 2010, Nancy returned to working in the schools at New Hope Uganda as the Chair of the Education Committee that oversees the schools and as a teacher trainer.
Nancy also has a close connection to David family, one of the seven family groups at New Hope Uganda’s Kasana Children’s Center. She spends time with the kids on a regular basis and works alongside the family father to help parent the children in that family.

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Syd-Andrea-SparksEncountering Truth, Transforming Lives
Serving Christ with New Hope Uganda at Musana Camps

Syd and Andrea are working with New Hope Uganda in Uganda, East Africa, joining in what God is already doing through New Hope as they bring the fatherhood of God to the fatherless. They are helping to establish Musana Camps, a youth camp and training center, located on the shores of Lake Victoria.
Syd and Andrea grew up in North Dakota and Wisconsin respectively, grateful to be raised in Christian homes where the foundations of Truth were laid from an early age. They each had experiences both attending and working at Christian camps that shaped their desire to pursue a career in Christian camping ministry.

It was during Syd’s college years at Dickinson State University that he met Gary Wood who introduced him to New Hope Uganda. In 2001, Syd began a series of several trips to Uganda, ranging in length from two weeks to one year, serving in various capacities. In 2005, Syd returned to the US to attend Camp Forest Springs’ Leadership Training and Development program. During that year in Wisconsin, the Lord confirmed His leading in Syd’s life to return to Uganda full-time to start New Hope’s new camp and training center. It was also during that year that Syd met his fellow intern, Andrea, who had just graduated from Moody Bible Institute.

In 2007, Syd and Andrea were married and about a year later, they packed their bags to move to Uganda. Since then, they have been excited to be part of God’s work in building Musana Camps from the ground up. In 2009, they were overjoyed to welcome their first child, Malachi, into the world. He has added joy to their lives and much to their ministry as the “novelty” of a little white baby in their area of Uganda bridges many cultural gaps. The Sparks are dedicated to what the Lord is doing through Musana Camps.

To find out more about the Sparks and how God is working in and through them in Uganda you can check www.sparksnews.net

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Musana Camps, Uganda

Formerly the Badlands Choice Clinic.
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