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Men of all ages are welcome and encouraged to get involved with Christ’s Church. It is our desire to have several types of small discipleship groups, men’s events, community outreach, and other studies, so all men can find a group to have fellowship with and grow in their knowledge of, and their personal relationship with, God. We hope and pray men can embrace with all their heart the “Great Commandment” and hear Jesus’ calling for all men to pursue the “Great Commission”.

Contact Stuart Black, 701-290-0731, Lee Magstadt, 701-225-1703 or men@dickinsonebc.com for more information regarding men’s small groups, studies, men’s events, volunteering, or how to connect with the men of EBC.

Men’s Discipleship Groups: Please contact Stuart Black or Lee Magstadt at men@dickinsonebc.com for more information regarding small groups or visit us at the men’s ministry table. We anticipate a fall session and spring session each year lasting 6-9 weeks for each session.

      Current Discipleship Groups:

  • Conquer Series – Led by Ryan Skaarvold, Sunday evenings at 6:00 PM – Room 208
  • This Changes Everything – Led by Mark Emmerich, Monday evenings at 7 – Computer Lab
  • This Changes Everything – Led by Elroy Marcusen, Tuesday evenings at 7 – Computer Lab
  • Wednesday Morning Study – Led by Pastor Ron, 6:45 – Room 208
  • EMAW – Led by Mikel Kendrick, Thursday evenings at 6 – Room 208

EBC Men’s Main Events: It is the goal of the EBC men’s ministry leadership to have 3-4 main events per year with a focus on the following goals for the year. We hope to bring spiritual growth, Biblical knowledge growth, community outreach and service, mentorship, fellowship and encouragement of Godly men, and developing disciple making men who go on to live a life of spiritual multiplication. Please watch for future announcements of upcoming events, how to get involved, and/or contact the men’s ministry leadership at men@dickinsonebc.com.

EBC Men’s Small Events: These events are small get-togethers for the men to have a time of fellowship and doing life together. These could be anything from a Big Sticks baseball game, DSU football game, golf outing, or small conference. Watch for announcements and signup sheets at the men’s ministry connect table.


  • November 6, Men’s Bowling Night, 5:30 pm at Paragon Bowl
  • December 5, Men’s Breakfast, 9-11 am at EBC

2020 Fall Ministry Guide 

Led by Ryan Skaarvold, Sundays, 6 pm — room #208

It is Kyle’s desire for all the men of EBC to go through this series.  Whether you are enslaved to pornography as Kyle once was or not, you will benefit from the information, tools, accountability, and friendship this 10-12 week course offers. 

If you need someone to talk with now please don’t hesitate to call Kyle at 701-690-0360.

EMAW, Led by Mikel Kendrick, Thursdays, 6 pm — room #208

Every Man a Warrior is a discipleship series designed to help men succeed in life by finding victory over the heart issue’s that men struggle with daily.  It is for men who want to become the warriors God intends – not living lives of mediocrity but maturing and becoming equipped in the areas where men fight and need to win. Our fall courses begin in September. Class size is limited, so register early at the men’s ministry table. If you have questions contact Stu Black at 701-290-0731 or Lee Magstadt at 701-225-1703.

Book 1 – Walking with God

This course is for all men! Become better equipped in your daily Bible reading and prayer life. Jesus gave us the “Great Commandment” for a reason, the most important ministry you will ever grow is your personal relationship with the Lord. This book teaches you the essential skills to have a structured quiet time with the Lord that includes, “thinking with a purpose” as you read God’s word and your time with God in prayer.  This course will help you develop a foundation for a fruitful life as you learn how to pursue the knowledge and heart of God.

Book 2 – Marriage and Raising Children

After a man’s relationship with God, there is nothing more important than the relationships he has with his wife and children.  Men need someone to come alongside them and help them discover how to fight for their marriage and their relationships with their children.  This course is for men who are already married, and it is an excellent preparation for men who aren’t even engaged yet.  Book 1 is a prerequisite to participate in this study.

Book 3 – Money, Sex, Work, Hard Times, Making Your Life Count

This 10-week study puts the skills and habits of book 1 into action as we pursue God’s plan for critical issues in the life of a Christian man. Book 1 is a prerequisite to participate in this study.

  •  Led by Mark Emmerich, Monday evenings at 7 – Computer Lab
  • Led by Elroy Marcusen,Tuesday evenings at 7 – Computer Lab

What does following Christ really look like? How does being a Christian change my life?  The answer to these questions is revelaed in the Epistle of James. Unfortunately, many Christians don’t allow their faith in Christ impact the way they live from day to day. 

Join the men as they unfold the teachings of James, the half-brother of Jesus.  James, who went from skeptic to believer, faced an objective reality he had to come to terms with: the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  What James knew still holds true today.  When we encounter Jesus, He will change everything!


Led by Pastor Ron, 6:45-7:30 am — Fellowship Hall

All men benefit from Bible study and fellowship.  This group provides both.  We are currently working our way through Matthew.  We read a portion of Scripture and open it for discussion.  Our aim is to be Biblically sound and very applicable.  You are welcome even if you are not able to attend every week. 

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