Why did Jesus die?



I have begun to think about Resurrection Sunday.  Most call it Easter, but I prefer Resurrection Sunday.  That name, Resurrection Sunday, better captures what we celebrate every year.  The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ made it possible for man to be reconciled to God.  The cross of Jesus Christ is the single-most important moment in human history, and I thought it would be good to prepare our hearts for Resurrection Sunday by considering WHY.  Why did Jesus die?  This is too grand a question to consider in one short article, but let’s begin with this. Jesus died to save humans from the wrath of God.

We know God’s wrath is real, because Romans 5:9 says, “Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from the wrath of God through Him.”

This can be difficult to hear.  It is hard to accept our loving God might actually have wrath.  When we think about wrath, perhaps we think of our own tendencies to lose our temper.  We might even remember an image of someone verbally and physically assaulting another.  But God is not like us.  God is not faulty or flawed with sin.  The wrath of man is often caused by his own sinful nature lashing out at others.  God, however, is in complete control.  His wrath is different from ours.  God’s wrath is a holy and loving response to the horror of our sin.

Sin entered the world.  We can’t blame God for that, and we can’t expect God to sit idly by as sin destroys us inside and out.  God’s holiness compels Him to deal with our sin.  He must respond.  Otherwise there would be no justice in God.  The proper response from God is righteous judgment.  Unlike so many in our world today, God will not change His definition of right and wrong.  Good and evil are the same today as they have always been, and God will judge accordingly with godly wrath.

Have you ever considered God’s wrath is also a response of His love?  Seeing us in our sinful state, God intervened.  His wrath is not simply revenge against those who have wronged Him.  God’s wrath is a warning and a call for us to reject our sin and turn to God.  A loving father does not sit by as his child puts his own life at risk through dangerous choices.  A loving father intervenes for the sake of the child.  Our loving Father in heaven intervenes against our sin.  It is our sin that separates us from Him.  No wonder God pours out His wrath.

It gets better.  Jesus loves us so much, He died in our place.  He took the wrath of God upon Himself at the cross.  So, look to Jesus for your salvation.  Be grateful for His love.

Jesus paid it all.  All to Him I owe.  Sin had left a crimson stain.  He washed it white as snow.

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