We are Evangelical Bible Church


The term, evangelical, comes from a Greek word meaning “good news.”  The good news is Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  We trust in Jesus alone for our salvation, and we want all people to understand the good news.


The Christian Bible is the Word of God.  God superintended the writing of every word of the Bible.  We seek to deepen our understanding of the Bible, and we work to live accordingly.  It is our conviction that all Christians ought to read the Bible on a daily basis, study it corporately,
and seek to obey it.


We are a local gathering of the body of Christ.  We seek unity among the body of Christ.  We enjoy fellowship with others who worship Jesus Christ as Lord, and we protect the unity of our local gathering.  There is room for unity and diversity among the family of God, but not at the expense of the truth of the Bible or of the Person of Jesus Christ.

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